Summer is typically the season when our vehicles get the most use. From lazy weekends at the lake to a week-long road trip visiting family or a national park, the demands on your vehicle coupled with the rise in temperatures can really take a toll. Preparing now for the season ahead will leave you free to enjoy all the fun the warm days have to offer.

Engine Flush

Giving your car a good clean after the salt and grit deposits of winter and the muddy days of spring is also the perfect time to have a deep cleaning of your engine performed. Known as an engine flush, this procedure removes the oil, grime and road debris that can lodge in vital areas, coat everything in a sticky film and reduce engine efficiency.

Battery Service

While a good cleaning is satisfying, it doesn’t address some of the challenges your vehicle will face in warmer weather. Your battery performs almost too well as temperatures increase, the heat over-exciting its electrolyte solution and shortening its lifespan. If your battery is a couple of years old, a fitness test performed by our technicians near Rockland, ID can determine its ability to continue holding a charge. An over-stressed battery can fail to start unexpectedly, something you’ll want to avoid on a long road trip.

Tire Service

Your tires will benefit from a rotation, and if you’re still sporting a set of winter tires, you’ll want to swap them out for your summer set. If you’ve got a set of all-season tires installed, they may perform just fine throughout the summer, although summer tires contain a specialized rubber that remains stiff on blazing asphalt, ensuring a firmer grip on the road. If you plan on doing a lot of summer driving outside of Chubbuck, ID, investing in a set of dedicated summer tires may be the right move.


Working in tandem with your tires is your braking system. If your car is newer, you probably won’t need to worry about flushing the used fluid from the system every 50,000 miles or so. Replacing your brake pads may be a concern, however, and if you’ve noticed any squealing noises or experienced a noticeable drop in responsiveness, you’ll want to have your brakes serviced soon.

Climate Control Systems

Most drivers don’t even want to contemplate driving at midday with no air conditioning, so have your system inspected if it seems to struggle with cooling the cabin efficiently. You may just need a quick topping up of refrigerant, or it may be indicative of a leak that needs repair.

Fluid Top-Ups

It’s also a good idea to top up other engine fluids, such as coolant, oil, transmission fluid, windshield washer, and power steering fluid. Other issues that can be caught and fixed during an inspection such as this include fraying, cracked belts or damaged hoses. You want to avoid breaking down on a summer road trip, so be sure to have our knowledgeable technicians inspect your vehicle for any problems that could arise.

Oil and Filter Change

Engine oil, when it’s filled to the proper level and is clean, can reduce friction in your engine, which also reduces the heat it creates. This is especially helpful when ambient outside temperatures climb into the triple digits. A fresh oil change will also improve engine efficiency, which in turn improves your gas mileage, a welcome side-benefit on a long trip.

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